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ETS Trip Planner

ETS Trip Planner
As ETS transitions to real-time information, we will be moving away from the Classic ETS Trip Planner and on to real-time tools (e.g. ETS LiveĀ®, Google Transit, third party apps (transit), etc.). Track your bus anywhere, anytime from your phone or computer. Now all ETS buses can be tracked in real-time.

ETS Live®
A suite of real-time information tools for Smart Bus routes.

  • ETS Trip Planner
    Plan your route from start to finish using landmark, bus stop, intersection or address. Optimized for computer use.
  • ETS To Go
    Includes the ETS Trip Planner, Bus Stop Schedule, Saved Locations and @takeETSalert Twitter feed. Optimized for mobile devices.
  • Bus Stop Schedules
    Enter your bus stop to see routes by your stop in the next hour or enter a landmark, intersection or address to see nearby stops.
  • Route Schedules
    Enter a route or LRT line to view schedules.
  • Detours and Bus Stop Closures
    Enter a route or bus stop to see if any detours and bus stop closures affect your route or bus stop.
  • Subscribe for Alerts
    Subscribe for ETS email alerts for planned detours and bus stop closures that affect your route and bus stop. There is an option to receive general service alert updates (e.g. service changes, major delays/disruptions) too.
  • School Service
    View a summary of school service for junior/senior high and post secondary schools.
  • Get ETS Service Alerts @takeETSalert
    Follow ETS on Twitter @takeETSalert for planned detours and bus stop closures plus General Service Alerts.

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