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ROUTE: 151
Table displays the scheduled times that each Route arrives at each Bus Stop
151 Castle Downs to King Edward Park
Via: Faculte Saint-Jean > Lauderdale > Oxford
Bus Stop 6004 6292 6266 1372 1142 2079 2253 2432 1251 1346 6496 6328 6333 6004
Street CSDN 127 101 101 101 91 71 91 102 101 97 127 127 CSDN
Avenue TC 129 128 117 MCDR 83 77 82 MCDR 101A 128 129 129 TC
Type Times
From left to right, the columns in this table are: Bus or LRT Type, and Times. Times are listed horizontally to match the Route's progression bus through each Bus Stop
Type Times
5:37am 5:50am 5:58am 6:19am 6:30am 6:42am 7:01am 7:12am 7:30am
5:15am 5:37am 5:47am 5:53am 6:08am
6:07am 6:22am 6:32am 6:46am 6:57am 7:13am 7:30am 7:41am 8:01am
5:45am 6:07am 6:17am 6:23am 6:38am
6:37am 6:52am 7:02am 7:16am 7:27am 7:43am 8:00am 8:11am 8:31am
6:15am 6:37am 6:47am 6:53am 7:08am
7:08am 7:23am 7:33am 7:49am 7:59am 8:15am 8:32am 8:44am 9:04am
6:45am 7:07am 7:17am 7:23am 7:38am
7:22am 7:32am 7:38am 7:53am 8:03am 8:19am 8:28am 8:44am 9:02am 9:13am 9:31am
7:15am 7:37am 7:47am 7:53am 8:08am
7:52am 8:02am 8:08am 8:23am 8:33am 8:49am 8:58am 9:12am 9:31am 9:42am 10:00am
7:45am 8:07am 8:17am 8:23am 8:38am
8:03am 8:25am 8:35am 8:41am 8:56am 9:05am 9:17am 9:25am 9:39am 9:58am 10:09am 10:27am
8:33am 8:55am 9:05am 9:11am 9:23am 9:31am 9:47am 9:55am 10:09am 10:28am 10:39am 10:57am
9:03am 9:23am 9:33am 9:39am 9:51am 9:59am 10:17am 10:25am 10:39am 10:58am 11:09am 11:27am
9:33am 9:53am 10:03am 10:09am 10:21am 10:29am 10:47am 10:55am 11:09am 11:28am 11:39am 11:57am
10:03am 10:23am 10:33am 10:39am 10:51am 10:59am 11:17am 11:25am 11:39am 11:58am 12:09pm 12:27pm
10:33am 10:53am 11:03am 11:09am 11:21am 11:29am 11:47am 11:55am 12:09pm 12:28pm 12:39pm 12:57pm
11:03am 11:23am 11:33am 11:39am 11:51am 11:59am 12:17pm 12:25pm 12:39pm 12:58pm 1:09pm 1:27pm
11:33am 11:53am 12:03pm 12:09pm 12:21pm 12:29pm 12:46pm 12:54pm 1:08pm 1:27pm 1:38pm 1:56pm
12:03pm 12:23pm 12:33pm 12:39pm 12:51pm 12:59pm 1:16pm 1:24pm 1:38pm 1:57pm 2:08pm 2:26pm
12:31pm 12:53pm 1:03pm 1:09pm 1:21pm 1:29pm 1:46pm 1:54pm 2:08pm 2:27pm 2:38pm 2:56pm
1:01pm 1:23pm 1:33pm 1:39pm 1:51pm 1:59pm 2:15pm 2:23pm 2:39pm 2:58pm 3:09pm 3:29pm
1:31pm 1:53pm 2:03pm 2:09pm 2:21pm 2:29pm 2:42pm 2:50pm 3:07pm 3:26pm 3:37pm 3:57pm
2:01pm 2:23pm 2:33pm 2:39pm 2:53pm 3:03pm 3:14pm 3:22pm 3:39pm 3:58pm 4:09pm 4:29pm
3:57pm 4:16pm 4:27pm 4:47pm
2:31pm 2:53pm 3:02pm 3:08pm 3:23pm 3:34pm 3:47pm 3:55pm 4:12pm 4:31pm 4:42pm 5:02pm
4:27pm 4:44pm 4:55pm
3:01pm 3:23pm 3:32pm 3:38pm 3:53pm 4:04pm 4:18pm 4:26pm 4:43pm 5:02pm 5:12pm 5:32pm
4:59pm 5:16pm 5:27pm
3:31pm 3:53pm 4:02pm 4:08pm 4:23pm 4:34pm 4:48pm 4:56pm 5:13pm 5:32pm 5:43pm 6:03pm
4:01pm 4:23pm 4:32pm 4:38pm 4:53pm 5:04pm 5:19pm 5:27pm 5:44pm 6:03pm 6:14pm 6:35pm
4:31pm 4:53pm 5:02pm 5:08pm 5:23pm 5:34pm 5:47pm 5:55pm 6:12pm 6:31pm 6:41pm 6:58pm
5:04pm 5:24pm 5:33pm 5:39pm 5:53pm 6:04pm 6:19pm 6:28pm 6:42pm 6:59pm 7:10pm 7:28pm
5:34pm 5:56pm 6:05pm 6:11pm 6:26pm 6:35pm 6:49pm 6:58pm 7:12pm 7:29pm 7:40pm 7:58pm
6:04pm 6:26pm 6:35pm 6:41pm 6:54pm
7:00pm 7:21pm 7:29pm 7:34pm 7:45pm 7:47pm 8:00pm 8:11pm 8:29pm
8:00pm 8:21pm 8:29pm 8:34pm 8:45pm 8:47pm 9:00pm 9:11pm 9:29pm
9:00pm 9:21pm 9:29pm 9:34pm 9:45pm 9:47pm 10:00pm 10:11pm 10:29pm


Subject to change without notice; service changes may occur.
  • ETS has a 100% accessible fleet.
  • To ensure you board your bus, arrive at your bus stop slightly early.
  • Schedules are based on regular service.
  • Traffic and weather conditions may affect all scheduled service.
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L - Low Floor Bus
B - Low Floor Bus equipped with a Bike Rack
C - Community Bus
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