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Table displays the scheduled times that each Route arrives at each Bus Stop
8 Mill Woods to Downtown to Abbottsfield
Via: Holy Trinity Catholic High School > Mill Woods Recreation Centre > J. Percy Page School > Millbourne Market Mall > W.P. Wagner School of Science and Technology > Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre > L'Academie Vimy Ridge Academy > Grant MacEwan University (City Centre Campus) > St. Joseph High School and Ascension Collegiate > NAIT > Rexall Place
Map Bike Rack Equipped
Bus Stop 3208 2117 2551 1457 1106 1201 1001 1208 1112 1542 2118 3208    
Type Times
From left to right, the columns in this table are: Bus or LRT Type, and Times. Times are listed horizontally to match the Route's progression bus through each Bus Stop
Type Times
5:47am 6:00am
5:01am 5:14am 5:23am 5:33am 5:48am 6:02am 6:15am
5:14am 5:26am
5:09am 5:31am 5:43am
4:40am 4:55am 5:11am 5:24am 5:46am 5:58am
5:16am 5:29am 5:38am 5:48am 6:03am 6:17am 6:30am
5:31am 5:44am 5:53am 6:03am 6:18am 6:32am 6:45am
5:39am 6:01am 6:13am
5:10am 5:25am 5:41am 5:54am 6:16am 6:28am
5:46am 5:59am 6:08am 6:18am 6:33am 6:47am 6:59am
5:56am 6:09am 6:31am 6:43am
5:40am 5:55am 6:11am 6:24am 6:46am 7:00am
6:01am 6:14am 6:23am 6:33am 6:48am 7:05am 7:17am
6:11am 6:27am 6:40am 7:03am 7:17am
6:10am 6:25am 6:41am 6:56am 7:19am 7:33am
6:16am 6:29am 6:38am 6:48am 7:05am 7:22am 7:34am
6:25am 6:40am 6:58am 7:15am 7:38am 7:52am
6:31am 6:44am 6:54am 7:05am 7:22am 7:39am 7:51am
6:40am 6:56am 7:15am 7:32am 7:55am 8:09am
6:51am 7:01am 7:12am 7:29am
6:43am 6:59am 7:10am 7:21am 7:38am 7:55am 8:07am
6:55am 7:11am 7:30am 7:47am 8:10am 8:24am
7:06am 7:17am 7:28am 7:45am
6:58am 7:14am 7:25am 7:36am 7:53am 8:10am 8:22am
7:13am 7:29am 7:40am 7:51am 8:08am 8:25am 8:37am
7:19am 7:36am
7:10am 7:26am 7:45am 8:02am 8:25am 8:39am
7:17am 7:33am 7:52am 8:09am
7:25am 7:41am 8:00am 8:17am 8:40am 8:54am
7:37am 7:48am 7:59am 8:16am
7:28am 7:44am 7:55am 8:06am 8:23am 8:40am 8:52am
7:32am 7:48am 8:07am 8:24am
7:36am 7:52am 8:03am 8:14am
7:40am 7:56am 8:15am 8:32am 8:55am 9:09am
7:43am 7:59am 8:10am 8:21am 8:38am 8:55am 9:07am
7:47am 8:03am 8:22am 8:39am
7:51am 8:07am 8:18am 8:29am
7:55am 8:11am 8:30am 8:47am 9:10am 9:25am
7:58am 8:14am 8:25am 8:36am 8:53am 9:10am 9:24am
8:06am 8:22am 8:33am 8:44am
8:10am 8:26am 8:45am 9:02am 9:24am 9:39am
8:25am 8:36am 8:47am 9:04am
8:28am 8:38am
8:13am 8:29am 8:40am 8:51am 9:08am 9:27am 9:41am
8:25am 8:41am 9:00am 9:17am 9:39am 9:54am
8:28am 8:44am 8:55am 9:06am 9:24am 9:43am 9:57am
8:40am 8:56am 9:15am 9:31am 9:53am 10:08am
8:56am 9:07am 9:17am
8:43am 8:59am 9:10am 9:20am 9:38am 9:57am 10:11am
8:55am 9:11am 9:31am 9:47am 10:09am 10:24am
9:11am 9:20am 9:30am 9:48am
8:58am 9:14am 9:23am 9:33am 9:51am 10:10am 10:24am
9:10am 9:27am 9:47am 10:03am 10:25am 10:40am
9:26am 9:35am 9:45am
9:13am 9:29am 9:38am 9:48am 10:06am 10:25am 10:39am
9:25am 9:42am 10:02am 10:18am 10:40am 10:55am
9:28am 9:44am 9:53am 10:03am 10:21am 10:40am 10:54am
9:40am 9:57am 10:17am 10:33am 10:55am 11:10am
9:43am 9:59am 10:08am 10:18am 10:36am 10:55am 11:09am
9:55am 10:12am 10:32am 10:48am 11:10am 11:25am
9:58am 10:14am 10:23am 10:33am 10:51am 11:10am 11:24am
10:10am 10:27am 10:47am 11:03am 11:25am 11:40am
10:13am 10:29am 10:38am 10:48am 11:06am 11:25am 11:39am
10:25am 10:42am 11:02am 11:18am 11:40am 11:55am
10:28am 10:44am 10:53am 11:03am 11:21am 11:40am 11:54am
10:40am 10:57am 11:17am 11:33am 11:55am 12:10pm
10:43am 10:59am 11:08am 11:18am 11:36am 11:55am 12:09pm
10:55am 11:12am 11:32am 11:48am 12:10pm 12:25pm
10:58am 11:14am 11:23am 11:33am 11:51am 12:10pm 12:24pm
11:10am 11:27am 11:47am 12:03pm 12:25pm 12:40pm
11:13am 11:29am 11:38am 11:48am 12:06pm 12:25pm 12:39pm
11:25am 11:42am 12:02pm 12:18pm 12:40pm 12:55pm
11:28am 11:44am 11:53am 12:03pm 12:21pm 12:40pm 12:54pm
11:40am 11:57am 12:17pm 12:33pm 12:55pm 1:10pm
11:43am 11:59am 12:08pm 12:18pm 12:36pm 12:55pm 1:09pm
11:55am 12:12pm 12:32pm 12:48pm 1:10pm 1:25pm
11:58am 12:14pm 12:23pm 12:33pm 12:51pm 1:10pm 1:24pm
12:10pm 12:27pm 12:47pm 1:03pm 1:25pm 1:40pm
12:13pm 12:29pm 12:38pm 12:48pm 1:06pm 1:25pm 1:39pm
12:25pm 12:42pm 1:02pm 1:18pm 1:40pm 1:55pm
12:28pm 12:44pm 12:53pm 1:03pm 1:21pm 1:40pm 1:54pm
12:40pm 12:57pm 1:17pm 1:33pm 1:55pm 2:10pm
12:43pm 12:59pm 1:08pm 1:18pm 1:36pm 1:55pm 2:09pm
12:55pm 1:12pm 1:32pm 1:48pm 2:10pm 2:25pm
12:58pm 1:14pm 1:23pm 1:33pm 1:51pm 2:10pm 2:24pm
1:13pm 1:29pm 1:38pm 1:48pm 2:06pm 2:25pm 2:39pm
1:28pm 1:44pm 1:53pm 2:03pm 2:21pm 2:40pm 2:54pm
1:43pm 1:59pm 2:08pm 2:18pm 2:36pm 2:55pm 3:11pm
1:56pm 2:16pm
1:10pm 1:27pm 1:47pm 2:03pm 2:25pm 2:40pm
1:58pm 2:14pm 2:23pm 2:33pm 2:51pm 3:11pm 3:27pm
1:25pm 1:42pm 2:02pm 2:18pm 2:40pm 2:55pm
1:40pm 1:57pm 2:17pm 2:33pm 2:55pm 3:10pm
1:55pm 2:12pm 2:32pm 2:48pm 3:11pm 3:26pm
2:13pm 2:29pm 2:38pm 2:48pm 3:06pm 3:27pm 3:43pm
3:45pm 3:59pm
2:28pm 2:44pm 2:53pm 3:04pm 3:23pm 3:44pm 4:00pm
3:36pm 3:57pm 4:13pm
2:43pm 2:59pm 3:09pm 3:20pm 3:39pm 4:00pm 4:16pm
3:17pm 3:32pm
2:56pm 3:18pm
2:10pm 2:27pm 2:47pm 3:04pm 3:29pm 3:44pm
3:27pm 3:46pm 4:07pm 4:23pm
2:58pm 3:14pm 3:24pm 3:35pm 3:54pm 4:15pm 4:31pm
3:13pm 3:36pm
4:01pm 4:22pm 4:38pm
3:12pm 3:29pm 3:39pm 3:50pm 4:09pm 4:30pm 4:46pm
3:27pm 3:44pm 3:54pm 4:05pm 4:24pm 4:45pm 5:01pm
2:25pm 2:42pm 3:02pm 3:21pm 3:46pm 4:01pm
3:47pm 4:02pm
3:49pm 4:04pm
3:51pm 4:06pm
3:42pm 3:59pm 4:09pm 4:20pm 4:39pm 5:00pm 5:16pm
3:10pm 3:29pm 3:52pm
3:34pm 3:57pm
2:40pm 2:57pm 3:18pm 3:37pm 4:02pm 4:17pm
3:26pm 3:45pm 4:08pm
2:55pm 3:12pm 3:34pm 3:53pm 4:18pm 4:33pm
4:01pm 4:24pm
3:10pm 3:27pm 3:49pm 4:08pm 4:33pm 4:48pm
3:57pm 4:14pm 4:24pm 4:35pm 4:54pm 5:15pm 5:31pm
4:15pm 4:38pm
3:25pm 3:42pm 4:04pm 4:23pm 4:48pm 5:03pm
4:12pm 4:29pm 4:39pm 4:50pm 5:09pm 5:30pm 5:46pm
4:31pm 4:54pm
3:40pm 3:57pm 4:19pm 4:38pm 5:03pm 5:18pm
4:27pm 4:44pm 4:54pm 5:05pm 5:24pm 5:45pm 6:01pm
4:45pm 5:08pm
3:54pm 4:11pm 4:33pm 4:52pm 5:17pm 5:32pm
4:42pm 4:59pm 5:09pm 5:20pm 5:39pm 6:00pm 6:16pm
5:00pm 5:25pm 5:40pm
4:09pm 4:26pm 4:48pm 5:07pm 5:32pm 5:47pm
4:57pm 5:14pm 5:24pm 5:35pm 5:54pm 6:15pm 6:31pm
5:15pm 5:38pm
4:24pm 4:41pm 5:03pm 5:22pm 5:47pm 6:02pm
4:39pm 4:56pm 5:18pm 5:37pm 6:02pm 6:17pm
4:55pm 5:12pm 5:34pm 5:53pm 6:18pm 6:33pm
5:12pm 5:29pm 5:39pm 5:50pm 6:09pm 6:30pm 6:46pm
5:27pm 5:44pm 5:54pm 6:05pm 6:24pm 6:45pm 7:01pm
5:42pm 5:59pm 6:09pm 6:20pm 6:39pm 7:00pm 7:13pm
6:01pm 6:24pm
5:11pm 5:28pm 5:50pm 6:09pm 6:34pm 6:49pm
5:57pm 6:14pm 6:24pm 6:35pm 6:54pm 7:13pm 7:26pm
6:17pm 6:40pm
5:27pm 5:44pm 6:06pm 6:25pm 6:50pm 7:05pm
5:42pm 5:59pm 6:21pm 6:40pm 7:04pm 7:18pm
5:57pm 6:14pm 6:36pm 6:55pm 7:16pm 7:30pm
6:12pm 6:29pm 6:39pm 6:50pm 7:08pm 7:26pm 7:39pm
6:12pm 6:29pm 6:51pm 7:07pm 7:27pm 7:41pm
6:27pm 6:44pm 6:54pm 7:04pm 7:20pm 7:38pm 7:51pm
6:27pm 6:44pm 7:08pm 7:21pm 7:41pm 7:55pm
6:42pm 6:59pm 7:08pm 7:18pm 7:34pm 7:52pm 8:05pm
6:42pm 6:59pm 7:19pm 7:32pm 7:52pm 8:06pm
6:58pm 7:14pm 7:23pm 7:33pm 7:49pm 8:07pm 8:20pm
7:03pm 7:19pm 7:39pm 7:52pm 8:12pm 8:26pm
7:14pm 7:29pm 7:38pm 7:48pm 8:04pm 8:22pm 8:35pm
7:18pm 7:34pm 7:54pm 8:07pm 8:27pm 8:41pm
7:29pm 7:44pm 7:53pm 8:03pm 8:19pm 8:37pm 8:50pm
7:33pm 7:49pm 8:09pm 8:22pm 8:42pm 8:56pm
7:44pm 7:59pm 8:08pm 8:18pm 8:34pm 8:52pm 9:05pm
7:48pm 8:04pm 8:24pm 8:37pm 8:57pm 9:11pm
7:59pm 8:14pm 8:23pm 8:33pm 8:49pm 9:07pm 9:20pm
8:04pm 8:20pm 8:40pm 8:53pm 9:13pm 9:27pm
8:14pm 8:29pm 8:38pm 8:48pm 9:04pm 9:22pm 9:34pm
8:19pm 8:35pm 8:55pm 9:08pm 9:27pm 9:40pm
8:29pm 8:44pm 8:53pm 9:03pm 9:19pm 9:34pm 9:46pm
8:34pm 8:50pm 9:10pm 9:23pm 9:42pm 9:55pm
8:44pm 8:59pm 9:08pm 9:18pm 9:35pm 9:49pm 10:01pm
8:49pm 9:05pm 9:25pm 9:38pm 9:57pm 10:10pm
8:59pm 9:14pm 9:22pm 9:31pm 9:47pm 10:01pm 10:13pm
9:03pm 9:19pm 9:37pm 9:50pm 10:09pm 10:22pm
9:13pm 9:27pm 9:35pm 9:44pm 10:00pm 10:14pm 10:26pm
9:19pm 9:34pm 9:52pm 10:05pm 10:24pm 10:37pm
9:30pm 9:42pm 9:50pm 9:59pm 10:15pm 10:29pm 10:41pm
9:34pm 9:49pm 10:07pm 10:20pm 10:39pm 10:52pm
9:45pm 9:57pm 10:05pm 10:14pm 10:30pm 10:44pm 10:56pm
9:49pm 10:04pm 10:22pm 10:35pm 10:54pm 11:07pm
10:00pm 10:12pm 10:20pm 10:28pm 10:43pm 10:57pm 11:09pm
10:04pm 10:19pm 10:37pm 10:50pm 11:09pm 11:22pm
10:15pm 10:27pm 10:35pm 10:43pm 10:58pm 11:12pm 11:24pm
10:34pm 10:49pm 11:07pm 11:20pm 11:39pm 11:52pm
10:45pm 10:57pm 11:05pm 11:13pm 11:28pm 11:42pm 11:54pm
11:04pm 11:19pm 11:37pm 11:50pm 12:09am 12:22am
11:15pm 11:27pm 11:35pm 11:43pm 11:58pm 12:12am 12:24am
11:34pm 11:49pm 12:07am 12:20am 12:39am 12:52am
11:45pm 11:57pm 12:05am 12:13am 12:28am 12:42am 12:54am
12:04am 12:19am 12:37am 12:50am 1:09am 1:22am
12:15am 12:27am 12:35am 12:43am 12:58am 1:12am 1:24am
12:47am 1:02am 1:20am 1:34am 1:53am 2:07am
12:59am 1:11am 1:19am 1:26am 1:44am 1:57am 2:10am
1:17am 1:31am 1:45am 1:59am 2:18am 2:32am
1:26am 1:41am 1:52am 1:58am 2:16am 2:29am 2:42am
1:47am 2:02am 2:16am 2:30am 2:49am 3:03am
1:56am 2:11am 2:22am 2:28am 2:46am 2:59am 3:12am
2:17am 2:32am 2:46am 3:00am 3:19am 3:33am
2:26am 2:41am 2:52am 2:58am 3:16am 3:28am


Subject to change without notice; service changes may occur.
  • ETS has a 100% accessible fleet.
  • To ensure you board your bus, arrive at your bus stop slightly early.
  • Schedules are based on regular service.
  • Traffic and weather conditions may affect all scheduled service.
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L - Low Floor Bus
B - Low Floor Bus equipped with a Bike Rack
C - Community Bus
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